An Author among us

We are so pleased to announce one of our treasured Homestays, Glenda Buckmier, is author of a brand new children’s book, “A Horse Goes To The Store”, to be available soon. Congrats!


Homes needed for Mexican Students

We have a great need for new home to host 20 Mexican students coming from Mexico for only one month – from November 3rd to December 1st. Please consider hosting and contact me ASAP. Denny’s cell – 203-6536

Love this Post!

I LOVE to receive posts like the following from one of our great Homestays, Lucas & Ellany Collins, who have “returned to the nest”. Read what she has to say —

“After FIVE YEARS of hosting over 30 international students, I figured we were done for good in 2015. But with a new baby coming, and the call from the organization to host a single student for 8 months, we figured we’d give it one last hurrah and save some extra 💰. I’m so glad we did! We have our first female student ever, she’s from Osaka, Japan, and she is the sweetest girl. The kids already adore her and she never has a hand free because one of the kids is always holding one. Of all the students to host for 8 months, she’s gonna make this easy”

Newest addition to our ELS Family – Tirzah Eve Glenn

We were Blessed with a new member of our ELS Family! Our International Student Adviser, Ashley Glenn, had her beautiful baby girl yesterday at 4:02. Tirzah Eve Glenn weighed 6lbs 13oz and was 19 3/4 inches long. Mom, baby AND Daddy are all doing very well. Congrats to a precious family.

Our New ELS Homestay Promo Video

This video shows some of our Homestay students and hosts sharing why they have chosen Homestay.

Saying Good-bye to our Saudi brother – So hard to do!

Lukus & Ellany Collins have been hosting a student from Saudi Arabia for four sessions.  Ellany emELS Dwayneailed me and I just had to share her comments about their student, Hussain.  I hope this will be an encouragement to all of our Host Homes.

Hi Denny!  We are SO excited about both our new students coming this week — although saying goodbye to Dwayne (Hussain) was really sad – he has been one of our best!

If Dwayne returns to this ELS (which is uncertain right now), but if he’s not able to return to our home, he comes HIGHLY recommended for another good home. 

He was so amazing with our girls, he’s by far the cleanest student we’ve ever had, and he’s just wonderful.  Lukus had to go away on business, out of state, for a few days, and “D” (Hussain) looked after me and the girls like we were his own family.  He made us breakfast every morning and took care of the all the trash — because that’s what Lukus does!  And, I felt safer having him around while Lukus was away.

If he can’t return to us, another family would be very lucky to have him.  

Collins Saudi meal

Here is a picture for your blog of the huge traditional Saudi meal his cousin made for us and a few of our friends which we all ate Saudi style on the floor with our hands.  It was wonderful!”

Thank you, Ellany, for sharing! – Grateful for your entire family

I would love to have more fun stories like this one from all our Homestays, and pictures to share with our other Homestay Hosts.  Please email me anytime you have something great to share.

Observing Ramadan

RamadanIn 2013, Ramadan is expected to begin on the evening of July 8th with the first full day of fasting on July 9th.

The ending of Ramadan is marked by the holiday of Eid ul-Fitr, which takes place either 29 or 30 days after the beginning of the month. On Eid ul-Fitr, morning prayers are followed by feasting and celebration among family and friends. This year Eid ul-Fitr will most probably fall on Wednesday, August 7.

What are the daily fasting requirements?

During the month of Ramadan most Muslims fast from dawn to sunset with no food or water. Before sunrise many Muslims have the Suhur or predawn meal. At sunset families and friends gather for Iftar which is the meal eaten by Muslims to break the fast. Many Muslims begin the meal by eating dates as the Prophet used to do.

This ritual fast known as Sawm is one of the five pillars of Islam, and requires that individuals abstain from eating, drinking, smoking and sexual intercourse.

What is the ‘goal’ of Ramadan?

In general, the practices of Ramadan are meant to purify oneself from thoughts and deeds which are counter to Islam. By removing material desires, one is able to focus fully on devotion and service to God. Many Muslims go beyond the physical ritual of fasting and attempt to purge themselves of impure thoughts and motivations such as anger, cursing, and greed.