An Author among us

We are so pleased to announce one of our treasured Homestays, Glenda Buckmier, is author of a brand new children’s book, “A Horse Goes To The Store”, to be available soon. Congrats!


Homes needed for Mexican Students

We have a great need for new home to host 20 Mexican students coming from Mexico for only one month – from November 3rd to December 1st. Please consider hosting and contact me ASAP. Denny’s cell – 203-6536

Love this Post!

I LOVE to receive posts like the following from one of our great Homestays, Lucas & Ellany Collins, who have “returned to the nest”. Read what she has to say —

“After FIVE YEARS of hosting over 30 international students, I figured we were done for good in 2015. But with a new baby coming, and the call from the organization to host a single student for 8 months, we figured we’d give it one last hurrah and save some extra 💰. I’m so glad we did! We have our first female student ever, she’s from Osaka, Japan, and she is the sweetest girl. The kids already adore her and she never has a hand free because one of the kids is always holding one. Of all the students to host for 8 months, she’s gonna make this easy”

Session #10, 2017 ELS Activity Calendar

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