JoBeth Moad – A Happy Homestay Mom!!!

Precious Emma wearing a gift from her Homestay "Brother"

Tom & Emma at Red Pin Bowling

Tom & Emma at Red Pin Bowling

“Hi Denny, wanted to share this picture of Tom & Emma at Red Pin bowling alley this weekend. He of course beat the pants off us! We had a fun Saturday showing him downtown, bowling & seeing a movie.And on Sunday we got to see a few minutes of Rashed playing soccer at OCU :)”

…”it is just so interesting to me and frankly I am finding this whole experience so fascinating…”

…”Anyway, I’m sure this will all be old hat to me soon, but I just wanted to share with you. I’m sure you don’t get paid nearly enough to deal with all the hassles of organizing a program like this so I wanted to say THANK YOU for all you do and for helping me get started down this path. It is truly a blessing to me AND Emma :)”

Emma is modeling the beautiful outfit that her Saudi “Brother” presented to her – Isn’t she lovely!