Special Art Class Offering

We have an ELS student from Russian who will provide a FREE Art Class to anyone who would like to participate.  She will teach it in the ELS Lobby at 4:00pm on Monday,  November 26th.  If interested, please contact Ashley.


ELS 2012 Thanksgiving Lunch

Thank you to all our Homestays that sent an abundance of food–

— it was wonderful!!!

Our Executive Student, Hikeaki and Bill helped me set up the tables, chairs and beautiful decorations


Ashley, Denny and Sharyn – I couldn’t have done it without the wonderful help of these two gals!!!

Sharyn set this up like a “Cruise Buffet”

Here come the hungry students! We served 122 students, Staff, Faculty and Homestay Families

Students at the Salad Table

Enjoying fellowship after a great meal!

After my “Panic Day” on Thursday — we actually had a bountiful harvest!  We even had some left overs to take to the City Rescue Mission to bless others.  Thank you, Homestays, for providing so much — it was so delicious!

Another “FAM TOUR”

Wednesday, November 7th,  Nelson will again host another “Fam Tour” with 12 agents (10 from Vietnam, 1 from Thailand, 1 from Indonesia and 1 ELS Sales Director from Vietnam.)  I’m sure they will enjoy the tour Nelson has planned for them – especially to the Asian Market!  I was able to put into their packet a “Welcome Letter” for them, telling them about our wonderful Homestay Homes – who so lovingly take care of students from all over the world and also put in a plug for my blog.  From my blog, they can access our “Homestay Family Handbook” and the “Homestay Student Handbook”. Hopefully, they will send lots of students to our OKC Center and encourage their students to choose our Homestay program as their choice for housing!