MARK YOUR CALENDARS!!! November 19th we will host our annual Thanksgiving Lunch for all ELS students. This is always a wonderful time to show our Thanksgiving traditions to students from around the world! I will need lots of help and will be posting more information in the future. We are expecting our brand new Grandson on that date, so I need back-up help! I will need a committee to help decorate on Sunday afternoon, November 18th, etc. If you would like to help in ANYWAY, just let me know and I will certainly get you involved.



  1. JoBeth says:

    Denny, since I am a newbie and the November calendar is not yet out, can you tell me if the students get any time off for the Thanksgiving holiday? What about Christmas? Thanks 🙂

  2. Alicia says:

    I might be available to help decorate on that Sunday depending on the time. Monday’s are hard because my office processes the offering & other monies that morning. Let me know about Sunday. Alicia Beckett

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