Where to find halal meats?

One of our Homestay moms, Teresa asks, “I’m curious where the best place to purchase halal meats is in OKC. By best, I mean both in quality and in price.” I’m not certain myself. Does anyone else have a suggestion? Leave your answer in the “comments”.


One Comment on “Where to find halal meats?”

  1. Lura Cayton says:

    I’m not sure about “the best,” but I know three places: one on NW 39th Expressway just north of the mosque; another on NW 50th just to the west of Meridian on the south side of the street. My sense is that the one on 50th may be less expensive. Also, Sweis Bros where you can buy fresh pita carries a few halal items. But I think they are more expensive.

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